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In The Air Photography is a service of Rob Levine Photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We provide full-service photography including drone quadcopter photography done with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0

Mr Levine is an FAA licensed Part 107 commercial drone pilot; our business is fully licensed and insured in Minnesota.

News & links
FAA Reverses Course, Grants Drone Journalist Permission To Fly In No-Fly Zone Over Standing Rock
In a dramatic reversal of its prior refusal to allow drone journalists in the no-fly zone over the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, the FAA has granted drone photographer Robert Levine of Minneapolis, Minnesota a three-day waiver to fly in the so-called TFR or temporary flight restriction zone. The waiver, issued on December 1 authorizes Mr. Levine to fly within a half mile radius of a specific point - defined by latitude and longitude - over Standing Rock during daylight hours...
FAA, Drone Photojournalism, And The First Amendment Made A Difference At DAPL
Report from Standing Rock drone mission
Drone photojournalist. That's a new term describing photojournalists who cover news events using small drones. The potential to cover news events with these amazing new - and affordable - machines has the potential to revolutionize journalism by opening up new avenues for coverage to individuals and organizations that previously did not have the means to either own or hire a helicopter or small plane.